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If you don't find the information you're looking for here, please call or email us and we'll do our best to answer your questions.


Okay - how much?

There are many factors that determine the cost of our Glide-Out trays. Plywood or solid maple, narrow or wide, custom stain finish, dividers, tall drawers, angled sides - the options are what make custom Roll-Outs so great. They also make cost estimates difficult without having all the necessary information at hand. We believe we offer the best products and the best value in the industry with an average job cost of around $1,600.00. There is no obligation for our consultations, absolutely no hard sell, so give us a call!


How Long?

Since we build our Glide-Outs in our own shop - optimized for efficient and dedicated  production of Glide-Out trays and drawers - we can usually install yours within two weeks. Often within 7-10 days. 

The actual installation time varies depending upon the number of Trays and the complexity of the job. Typically, we can complete most installations in 3-5 hours.


How Far?

We would like to take care of everybody, but we do have a geographical limit. We will travel as far north as Flint and Lapeer, west to Chelsea and Saline, south to Monroe and as far east as the country allows. 


Will Your Glide-Out Trays Fit In My Cabinets?

Almost certainly. Since our Trays are custom-made, we can build them to fit perfectly in almost any cabinet, even odd-sized and odd-shaped cabinets. From 9" to 30" deep and 6" to 48" wide, we have you covered.

What About Closets With Bi-Fold Doors?

Not a problem. We have muliple cost-effective strategies to replace your closet shelving with Glide-Out Trays.


Can You Build Replacement Drawers?

Absolutely. We can build perfectly-fitting drawers that close softly, extend fully, hold 100lbs. and glide almost effortlessly. In most cases, we can use the existing drawer faces to save even more money.


Will Your Basic Line Roll-Out Trays Hold Up over Time?

Absolutely. These Trays are rock-solid. Click HERE to learn more about the differences between our Baltic-Birch Basic Line and our solid maple Premium Line.


Can I Install Your Products Myself?

The short answer- no. Although many "do-it-yourself" types may be able to install our Glide-Out Trays and other cabinet optimizers, there are plenty of opportunities to install them incorrectly. It's certainly not rocket science, but exacting installation is essential for proper operation. All hardware must be installed level, square and coplaner. Clearances for both the glides and trays must be allowed for. Correct sizing of hardware is mandatory for reliable operation. And, of course, warranty coverage depends upon professional installation.


What If I Have A Problem With My Glide-Outs?

We fix it. Forever, if you purchased the Premium Roll-Out Trays. Five years if you purchased the Basic Roll-Out Trays. Click HERE to learn more about our warranty. 


Who Builds Your Glide-Outs?

We build all of our custom Glide-Out Trays in our own, local shop. This gives us flexibility, control over quality, very short lead times and considerable cost savings that we can share with you.


Who Installs Your Products?

We do all our own installations - Owen and Chris are technical-minded types, with decades of experience, who are scrupulous about their work and understand what's required for a perfect install. Chances are your house will be cleaner when we leave. We pay a living wage because they deserve it and it's what's right.   


Do You Offer Discounts?

We do not artificially inflate our prices hoping for a "windfall" if someone doesn't ask for a discount. Our prices are very competitve because we have low overhead, good buying power and are very much a "low-frills" company. We do not have a brick & mortar showroom (although a mobile showroom is in the works), no franchise fees (we're independently owned), no glossy brochures and a fairly modest advertising budget. We are not a marketing company focusing on cabinet storage, we're a cabinet storage company getting our feet wet in marketing.

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